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However, the workers of the Bryansk plant were not satisfied with the achievements results81 and on April 26 they stopped working again. They refused to elect representatives to negotiate, “so that they would not be swept away by comrade prosecutor and judicial investigator 82. The factory was again sent senior adviser to the provincial government and senior factory inspector together with the district inspector. They concluded that the fastest way to stop the strike immediate satisfaction with the management of the plant

There, l.32. Governor’s telegram to the Police Department. 28.03. 1916 80 The specific increase in prices depended on the category of worker and the type of work performed, and not on the size wages, as suggested by the workers. The distribution of allowances should have been the factory management together with the elders who were to be elected. Regardless of the timing of the increase in this or that type of work, it was calculated from the second half of March. GAOO, f.580, art.1, d.6168, l.54.

The announcement of the director of the Bryansk plant workers. 03/27/1916 In the same place, l. To the interpretation of the Announcement of the Director of the Bryansk Plant of 27 March 1916 by the Assembly authorized workers 29.03. 1916 81 GAOO, f.580, art.1, d.6168, l.166-167. Letter from the Head of the Minsk Military District to the Governor. 02.05. 1916 82 Ibid., L. 24-25. 83 Ibid., Pp.92-94. The report of the governor in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 29.04. 1916

Factory Inspector of the Moscow Factory District84. ABOUT the strike was notified of the Chairman of the Maltsev Joint Stock Company, Chief of the Main Artillery Directorate85.

Even a senior factory inspector admitted the workers’s demands were very moderate, caused by wartime conditions, however plant management and administration Maltsevskogo joint stock company, not refusing wage indexation, recognizing its fairness and timeliness, did not want to act under pressure from the workers. Having resorted to the use of various administrative levers, she sought to secure freedom of action in the future. At the suggestion of the chairman of the joint stock company, on May 3 announced a half to two-fold increase in payments to those who did not receive food from factory shops. At the same time everyone was asked get to work. Unsatisfied expected calculation. After workers ignored this requirement; the plant was closed86. By order Minister of War to carry out activities to restore plant in Bezhitsu arrived empowered with special powers authorized Special meeting on the factory business of the Moscow district, General Cherdyntsev. The general did not meet with the workers, limiting himself to communication with members of the plant.