Culture of bicycles in Amsterdam

In this European city, bicycles are everywhere and they represent part of its culture and tradition. This is one of the things that Amsterdam really stands for, because on their roads, bikes are main type of transportation. There is a big parking lot on main rail station, especially designed only for bicycles. First thing that you will notice if you sometimes visit Amsterdam is the shape of their bikes. They are called “omafiets” and they look like they are made 60 years ago and in the same factory. It’s an interesting fact that 90% of citizens ride these bikes.

Amsterdam culture of bicycling can be little complicated. Process of renting a bike can be very easy and cheap, but not that interesting as it seems. Frist thing –  there are always endless rows of il_570xN.678813371_em0ibicycles that are always crowed with Dutch who are in a hurry and they are driving faster than usual, so if you are there as a tourist, it will be hard for you to fit in and to continue to sightsee the city, because you will feel the anger of local people if you are on their way. Another surprising thing is that you won’t find easy the place to park your bike, after you come to certain destination. If you rent a bike on a one day, it can be useful to see windmills and remote parts of the city, but do not rent it for the whole time of your stay in Amsterdam, because there will be no need to use it that much.

In the Netherlands, bicycles aren’t just a habit, but rather a way of life. They have bigger number of bikes then the number of their population. Reasonably, there are so many thefts of the bikes and that represents big problem for their authorities. Annual theft of the bikes in Amsterdam is between 80,000 and 150,000 bicycles. Now days you can’t just go and rent a bicycle, if you don’t have proper certificate. Statistic shows that among the thieves, 40% of them are professional. And what’s certain, thefts have been increasing every year.


Their authorities have found the way to stop this. They have installed GPS trackers on every bike, so when the bike gets stolen, they can easily find it. This type of action will definitely decrease the number of thefts and for the professional thieves, it will be much harder to steal one.

Global Positioning System, or GPS is a radio navigational system that tracks transmitters through 27 satellites that are positioned around the Earth. Standard transmitters can determine location with accuracy of few meters, while those who are more sophisticated show accuracy up to a few centimeters. Each satellite is 200,000 km away from Earth and it is needed four satellites to show locations of a certain object that has a transmitter.

This immensely helped Amsterdam police to decrease number of theft and citizens and tourist are feeling much more secure when they leave their bike parked.

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Bicycle for city ride

Have you ever thought of idea to switch your ride from cars to bikes ? There are lot of benefits of this type of transport –  you will avoid traffic jams, find easier pace to park, it’s cheaper, healthier, and you will be creating better future for our planet! There will be no more pollution and we will be living in better and happier world.

There are especially made bikes for this type of riding called city bikes. They don’t support heavy terrain and they don’t come with great speed, but they can assure you safe and comfortable ride. Less expensive types you can find for 100 dollars and they are built from the cheapest material, which results in low level quality. This all influences on expiration date, safety and comfort during the ride.

When you choosing city bike, you must pay attention to proper sitting and that includes the following: body bowed slightly forward and  abdominal muscles are relaxed. Proper sitting affects the size of the frame, steering wheel and seat height that must be configured individually – according to the height of the rider.

Every rider must take into consideration the following items when he chooses the city bike:

Frame of the bikecarbon_frame

In order to enjoy in bike ride, you must choose the proper frame, or the appropriate height of the bicycle. Most bikes are measured in inches or millimeters, but that depends on manufacturer. One of the crucial factors in each city bike is material that  is made of and the quality of treatment. The most commonly used are aluminum or steel but aluminum bikes are much lighter.

Steering wheel

Selecting the right steering wheel can affect the safety and comfort of riding. There are diverse forms of the steering wheels corresponding to different ways of riding. When we talk about flat steering wheel, they can hurt our joints because there is no change in posture. For example, “road bikes” have  unwritten rule that the width of the wheel should be the same as the width of the rider’s shoulders. Therefore, the choice of steering wheel is a personal thing, and if you hurt your back or joints, you should search the possible cause in poorly chosen steering wheel.


For a comfortable ride on a city bike, it is essential to choose a comfortable seat. It should have buffers, foam or gel pads. If you are planning a longer route, the seat should be sporty.


FOR-SHIMANO-Deore-M610-MTB-Groupset-Group-Set-10-speeds-bike-bicycle-parts-bicicleta-better-sramHaving more than 7 speeds for everyday use is unnecessary, because there are no high-rises, and during normal ride, rider doesn’t have a need to change speeds so often. There are also models with 24 speeds and it is up to us to decide whether we need the one like that.


Brakes play major role in safe ride. They must always function flawlessly, especially in sudden situations. For urban bikes, the most commonly used are the ones with hand and foot (counter) brakes, while now we have hydraulic brakes on the market. Most models have two brakes: front and back.

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Advice you should pay attention to when riding a bicycle

1 Gears should be changed when the chain is not too tight

There are two reasons why you should not change speed when the pedal is put to an enormous pressure. The first is for the front derailleur. Since we all know that the front derailleur pulls and pushes the chain towards grinders, and at the same time creates resistance, under additional load switching from small to medium is completely unnecessary and should be avoided at any cost. You are doing more when you turn the pedals pretty easy. Otherwise transmission will do your job properly. So if you are a cyclist, you should be more cautious when it comes to the gear switching – know your bike and how it works to reduce the possibility of unnecessary risks.ego-kits1

2 The chain must be properly maintained
We all know that the chain performs friction on other parts while we are driving the bike, so it must be properly maintained. Now there are plenty of Teflon and of other sprays that are used to maintain the chain- some of the sprays are specially designed for this purpose. The chain must not be dry but it can’t be too “oiled”, so you have to use the oil for the chain, or some of the sprays to maintain it. As I have said, try to find the right amount of spray/oil for greasing your chain. You don’t want to have wet chain, which is as bad as dry chain also.

3 Bicycles are not waterproof – although look so No matter how this may sound impossible, a bike that was exposed to damps for a very long time and was not maintained properly, sooner or later begins to rust. There are parts that are made from stainless materials, but there are others that can rust, like cables, and other metal / aluminum parts. Make sure your bike is not standing without a cover in case you are not riding it every day.

4 All tires let the air when they are out of usebicycle-pump
On the road bike, tires should be kept at 100PSI and should be checked before every ride if they are inflated to the correct pressure because they can lose pressure – up to 5psi per day if the bike is not driven. In order to avoid such things, check your tires regularly and before any ride, just make sure that the air pressure in the tires is right.

5 Some of the tips that you be more comfortable on the bike
No matter how much you enjoy riding your bike, you must know that your posture is not the most natural when you sit on it. What else can be very uncomfortable while sitting on your two-wheeler? So always look to buy a bike that will suit your choice of seat, which will give you comfort. As you probably know, your comfort comes first and it should be the main element that determines the bike you would buy eventually.


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Common mistakes with buying a bike

The lower limit of the cost for the bike is $200

When it comes to buying a bike, it is not so easy to choose a bike, since it is not all about the price. Usually, cheap bikes are made of material that is not durable enough to last you couple of years. If you buy a bike that costs less than $200, you have a great chance for often service visiting. Everything above $200 is good, but again – it all depends on couple of parameters. These parameters are in relation to your needs – whether you need a bike that go through mud without any problems, or you just need a simple bike that you will occasionally drive when it’s nice sunny day. Also, it doesn’t mean that if you pay a lot of money that you will get a great bike – but it is surely a direction you should follow if you need a more professional bike.

1. “fancy” is not necessarily high-quality307097_6f8dfad1df7b94ffde9222d62ad09d4c_large
shock absorbers, high-quality shock absorbers are very expensive. Also, while the front shock absorber can pack anything, (good) rear shocks are typically packaged only in a good frame. Anyway, a good frame for 2 dampers (not to say, with full suspension) with these two (good) shock absorbers (only frame and shock!) costs 3-4 times more than the whole “pimped” bike that is a dream fits into your budget. Even if that story darted and “drives”… Not to bore you now, if you see a bike with both suspension and disc used, that costs at least € 500 if in good condition. Not to mention the new ones.

2. Errors: Shimano equipment is mom
Wrong. Some class Shimano equipment is mum. Some is not.
Absolutely the weakest class of equipment that is acceptable is TOURNEY. I drove this equipment at its first serious bike; it does the job, but even it works very precisely, or it works particularly long; every now and need something to fix. Not for the strain type of grass, mud….
After Tourney’s going Acer and Altus; after Tourney’s goes alsoAlivio. Altus was until recently the bottom line of economic class, nowadays it is the one that counts in lower middle-class equipment. If you’re making the bike mainly on roads, there is no anything better than this one.

Serious game begins with Deore equipment. This is the middle-middle class equipment and for people who do not drive off-road ends 99% of the work. My bike road of purchase (for years) has Deore equipment that works flawlessly. All about equipment and fixed gear bike brands you can read below. Higher middle class; Deore XT and SLX (in ordinary speech that “XT” is omitted, using only these “adjectives”). LX is designed as equipment for cycling people (those who cram bike luggage and went to the sea, or on a journey around the world), SLX as equipment for off-road.

slx-cranksHigh class: SLX; 95% of serious biker on his bike has at least one thing from the XT-class, thanks to the black market. For this level of equipment has a real need 5% biker population, which competes or not serious off-road driving and expected that the equipment runs smoothly and reliably in all conditions. Pay attention to * all * – this is all loaded, but the bike dipped in mud 20 times in the last 1000 meters, which still hampers flawlessly and seamlessly shift gears really need a handful of people. All others will be happier and with equipment that cannot adjust to the mud and branches but works well in good weather and reasonable ground.
XTR – this equipment has a special site. NASA installed the XTR cable to command the space shuttle … people need that from the podium to the serious racing parts less than a second. Everyone else serves as compensation for the insufficient pimp part of other equipment, typically reproduction.s1600_1

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Bicycle made of cardboard – transportation of the future?

Israeli inventor Izar Gafni has made the bike from cardboard, which could change the transportation habits in the most populated cities in the world, but also in the poorest parts of Africa.

Having recently heard of a man who made a cardboard canoe, that prompted him to think. In the process of invention, he talked to three different engineers and they concluded that it was impossible to make a cardboard bike. But that did not discourage him.

With his wife as support, he decided to still access the project and soon discovered that the use of cardboard is largely unknown. While exploring, he came to the conclusion that he will achieve the desired result if he starts to study the technique of origami, which will increase the durability of materials and up to three times.
He has announced the mass production of this bike, having in mind that he has made his point presenting a bike made from cardboard. He has worked on this bike for four years and tried to remove all faults of the cardboard. The mixture of organic materials that are resistant on water and fire have given him the opportunity to shape and to carve this bike.

In its final phase the bike is varnished and when it is ready for production hit won’t have metal parts. The breaks, wheels and pedals will be made from recycled materials. When Gafni’s creation reaches the mass production it is not expected to cost more than $ 20, and the material will stand up to nine dollars per bike.

“When we started this project, two years ago, people laughed at us, but now we get messages every morning, asking us where they can buy such a bicycle, that only in fact encourages me the most and gives me the hope that we will have success”- says the inventor. His business partner announces a change in way the bikes are produced and transported. They will build factories everywhere, not only in the countries where the cheap labor is present. This may also change everything we know about world of production. He talks about large automatic production lines, which could provide the job for work pensioners and the disabled ones.

Three types of this bike and wheelchairs will be made in Israel and they will be available for purchase in about a year. They will produce urban bike on which can be put an electric motor, bike for young population and bike for those who are just learning to ride. Bicycles are very light and apparently there will be no need to repair them, and tires would be made from old car tires, which will be resistant to rapture and they should not be inflated, says Israeli inventor.

He estimates that bike made out of cardboard will last ten years, and that his weight will be about nine pounds, five times less than the average metal one.

Since we live in unhealthy environment, this is a great way to encourage an environmental awareness of people.

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How To Choose The Right Bicycle For Yourself

Choosing the right bicycle for you takes some careful consideration since you have to take a lot of aspects into account. Today we will go through some basic things that will help you choose the right bicycle.

Should I Care About The Brand?BikeLogos1
There are numerous bicycle brands, and people are often wondering which one is the best and which one is better than the others. Needless to say, but each brand has its fans, and each cyclist you ask will give you a different opinion based on their own personal preferences. You have to remember though, you are not buying a brand, but a bicycle. This is precisely why you choose a bike which suits you, rather than the one that has a fancy name attached to it.

Here’s What You Should Take Into Consideration Since we have just determined in that brand doesn’t play a significant role when it comes to choosing a bicycle, we should also mention things that should make a difference. In order to find the best bike, you will have to first think about your price range, and then look at the models that are offered at the price range you are willing to spend on a bicycle. In addition to that, you should also think about the feature is that your future a bicycle should have. Once you have determined all these things, look at models from various brands that fit your criteria. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the best bicycle for you, that will fulfill your needs and that will be the most suitable bicycle for you.

Shop On Sale
bike-saleIf you’re determined to save money on a bike, make sure that you wait for bike shop sales. Just like with cars, new bicycle models are presented each year, and you can typically find bikes on sales during the fall, and at the beginning of winter. If you want to make the best purchase, you should look for a bike at this time of the year. The majority of bike shops don’t want to last year’s model stuck in their shop, and that are willing to go with a lower price. In addition to that, you shouldn’t buy a bicycle that is more than a few seasons old since technology continues to change and you will probably end up with an average bike instead of a great deal.

Haggling At The Bike Shop
Although, it is not common to haggle in a bike shop, you can certainly try, but don’t expect to be incredibly successful. Dealers will almost always throw in an extra helmet, paddle or seat bag, but they will rarely take down the price of the bicycle. In addition to that, I would also advise you to go and see the same bicycle models at several different bike shops, if you are looking for the best deal. In addition to that, you should also think about potential warranty issues that may arise in the future, as well as service, and try to choose our bike shop that is close to your home.

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